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Sathabhishekam Photography Chennai

There is only one special occasion photography that has the active involvement of four generations. It is the occasion of Sathabhishekam Photography. It is the celebration of 80th birthday.
But one cannot categorize it as a Birthday photography event. It is serene celebration in which people thank god. For what he has given so far in life. And for Good health and peace in the future.
Hence Sathabishekam photography or eightieth birthday photography always humbles a professional photographer. It is a respectable scene to be in or to shoot, in which elders pay their respects to their elders.
Sashtiapthapoorthi-photography, Bhima-Ratha-Shanthi-photography and Sathabhishekam-photography are a different kind of birthday-photography assignment. Seeing elderly men seeking the blessings of their elders humble us. We are blessed to have done many Sashtiabthapoorthi-photography albums. We have a few memorable Bhima-Ratha-Santhi-photography album to our name. And two Sadhabhishekam-photography occasions to cherish. Please read the following in case you want to know what these terms refer to.
In the Indian context abtha refers to year and abdhapoorthi refers to completion of one year. That is the reason behind calling first birthday as abthapoorthi function. Similarly 60th birthday celebration is termed as sashtiabdhapoorthi. We are the good Sashtiabthapoorthi photographer in Chennai, 70th birthday function is named as bheema ratha santhi. The name used to refer the 80th birthday celebration is sathabhisekam.
God has given us an opportunity, not only to be a part of those ocassions, but also to record them for the benefit of future generations. And in the above slide show, we have posted photos from all events. We are the good bheemarathshanthi photographer in chennai. birthday celebration pictures adorn as the sathabhishekam photos in this page. We are the good Ayushhomam photographer and Videocoverage in Chennai.

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